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YAY!... I'm a geek...

Dom Monaghan Love! by sblomlvrgrl
Your Name
SECOND favorite color
Title of the song stuck in your head:
You will meet him:By accident.
He will say:" Heaven sent you- go back and give them some of my money."
You will say:" Have you heard of the Chunky Monkey?"
He will look like:
Afterward you will:Go clubbing together and he will put his arms around you and dance with you until you can no longer breath and you can't feel your feet (or hips, because from what I hear, Dom likes to grind). Then he takes you home with him and kisses you lightly until you fall asleep on his bed in his arms.
You guys will hang-out:All the time.
Worst part:He wants you to kiss Billy to see what you two look like.
Best part:You can't chose just one!
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And more...
What do YOUR livejournal friends think of you? by broadwayrl
favourite color
is only your friend because you told them to bejami1569
fantasizes about your feetinsane_sock
wants you deadrecreateme
thinks your moms HOTT STUFFjaluka
wishes they were closer to youtwirlkuthunk
writes songs about youtroopadore
loves you very muchmystic_willow
misses youzangler
wishes they knew you betterytilaer
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Some of that seems strangely right...
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